The Best Way To Trap Coyotes In Snow – 4 Simple Steps

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Location, Location, Location

Best Way to Trap Coyotes In Snow

The best way to trap coyotes in snow is to start out by finding a cleared area where coyote tracks have been seen recently before.

This will need to be a private area that would be the most ideal for you, where you know that nobody will see your drag trap and take it from you.

Once you find your area then start by making your bed to place your Saber-tooth drag in the snow. If you haven’t got one of those, this is the version we recommend. You can also buy larger packs of 12 if you plan on setting a lot of traps:

Get Digging

You will want to start by digging a small hole to place your trap inside. You need to make sure this trap will fire perfectly. Make sure your hole is leveled out, and not too deep, if you make the hole too deep, the coyote may just walk right over the trap without it firing.

You will really need to chip away at the frozen ground to really stir up the dirt, carefully making a small hole for the trap to be placed inside of.

Once you have a small hole ready with the dirt worked up, put down some antifreeze flakes so it does not freeze up the trap on the ground. Here is the product we recommend for this:

Clean off any snow that may be on your trap before setting it into the ground. You do not want ice at all on your trap or it will freeze up. Place your trap inside the small hole that you have chipped out, with a bit of wax paper around it. You will want the trap to be fitting tightly in the hole.

Wax Dirt

Now place wax dirt over top of the trap. To make the wax dirt you will need this product or similar:

To make the wax dirt, you can follow the directions in this video:

From Pelt to Profit: How to Make Wax Dirt

Make sure it is covered fully and camouflage the chain in where it leads to the trap.

You can take a small whisk broom to carefully help you cover the trap in wax dirt this helps you level out the hole with the ground surrounding it. The wax dirt is the best way to trap coyotes in the snow because it is freeze proof and sheds water.

The wax dirt is also odorless, so it will not throw off any coyote and helps with the camouflage. You need this all to be leveled out carefully with the ground surrounding it so that the trap will fire properly. The whisk broom helps the most with this.

If the temperature will stay cold for the next ten days then you should cover the wax dirt with the powered snow to help it camouflage the trap in the best way. Do not put any hard or compacted snow over the top of the trap.

Depending on the current temperature you may want to mix the dirt in more with the wax dirt in case of all the snow melting, so the molecules in the snow can not hook together making your trap dirty and obvious.

Trap Bait

After the trap is camouflaged in the snow you will need bait.

You can use War Paint coyote lure or Soul Taker bait.

You can put the War Paint lure on a branch that is right near the trap so it leads the coyote to stand right overtop of it. You can also use the War Paint lure on a twig and place it inside the snow right beside your trap.

I recommend using a lot of the Soul Taker bait which helps your chances of trapping the coyotes even more. You want the coyotes to really smell that bait for it to work with your setup. This is the best way to trap coyotes in the snow. If you trap one coyote you will want to reset the area again so it does not throw the next coyote off.

It is all about the camouflage and making sure your trap will fire properly in a good area you know the coyotes are walking through. Always remember to try to brush away any of your tracks in the process to make the area surrounding your trap look untouched.

This is the best way to trap coyotes in snow so they follow through. Always remember to do your own research for searching which bait and trap that will help you the most in catching coyotes in the snow during this wintertime.

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