Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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Looking for the best way to protect your favorite rifle?

Honestly, if you want the best, there is really only one possible solution to go with:

A hard rifle case…

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While there are other cases available as the just don’t offer the protection you can get from a hard rifle case. In most situations, they can provide all-weather protection and can secure your rifle from knocks and bumps.

What is the best hard rifle case?

But if you already know all this, you probably just want to know what the best hard rifle case is for your specific needs. Thats why we have written this article.

The Overall Winner Of The Best Hard Rifle Case

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick! If you want to read more about why we decided this was the best, scroll to the bottom of the page to find out.

Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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OK, so lets get to it:

Even as a rifle enthusiast, comparing one hard case to another is pretty tricky as often the value of these cases is found in the small details.

Luckily I can help you out.

I have assembled a list of top what I believe is the five best hard rifle cases for you. To prepare this list, we have compared numerous hard rifle cases and taken into account more than ten parameters.

In a nutshell, this list was made after hours of research. Instead of spending days choosing the top hard rifle case, you need just to find a reliable and durable option.

#5 – Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case:

Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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This Plano rifle case that we are highlighting now is a tactical one. The efficient design ensures that your rifle is well protected within the case. Also, the length is 52 inches. It can hold two rifles. It is available in the 42-inch variant and the 36-inch variant as well.

So are Plano gun cases good? – Heck yes! read on…

To better understand how well protected it is, let us highlight some of its features below:

Industrial strength construction:

How about an industrial-grade case?

Yes, you read it right!

The one which we are highlighting now uses industrial-grade materials. The wear and tear is not going to be a problem. Not only that, but it can handle the bumping and jerks of airline travel as well. It means that your rifle will be well protected inside, no matter how you use this tactical hard rifle case.

All-weather design:

The all-weather design means that you will not have to worry about the elements of the weather. Along with the hard rifle case, you get heavy-duty dual-stage latches to lock your rifle in. There is also a pressure release valve, which ensures that the conditions inside the case remain conducive for rifle storage.

Customizable interiors:

Another advantage of this hard rifle case is that on the inner side, it consists of a platform. The platform provides proper cushioning. However, it is perforated, which means that if you want to change its form factor, that is possible.

Highly portable:

Another feature of this hard rifle case that stands out is that it comes with glide wheels. These are incredibly smooth. It means that the case is easy to carry the case around.

With so many features on offer and heavy-duty construction, there is no reason to ignore this one.

PRO’s and CON’s:

• Highly portable
• Heavy-duty case
• Resistant to elements of weather
• Available in 3 size options
• Pressure valve on offer
• Lining quality has room for improvement.


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#4 – Plano Mil-Spec Field Locker Tactical Long Gun Case:

Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of this tactical rifle case is that the interior dimensions are 54” x 15”. The exterior ones are 56.4” x 18”. As a result, the amount of space which you get inside is pretty wide. However, that is not the only feature of this rifle case. There are a few other features, which help it stand out.

High-density foam interiors:

The interiors consist of high-density foam. You can customize the foam to place the rifles as you want. The case can accommodate two rifles.

Weather resistant:

It also consists of a heavy-duty gasket. The job of this gasket is to isolate the contents of the case from the weather outside. There is a pressure release valve, as well. It means that you can use it for airline travel. The pressure release valve ensures that the case can tackle altitude and temperature changes.

Excellent portability:

You get wheels at the bottom, which means that moving this rifle case around is not going to be a problem.

Easy to use securing mechanism:

The hard rifle case comes along with easy to open and close latch. It means that securing the case will not take a lot of time. There is no learning curve to the same as well.

With all the essential features on offer and airline approved design, you cannot go wrong with this one.

PROs and CONs:

• Large interior space
• Dual rifle carrying case
• Secure locking mechanism
• Excellent portability
• Can tackle elements of weather
• Packaging on delivery could be improved

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#3 – Case Club AR15 Pre-Cut Waterproof Rifle Case:

Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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Are you looking for the best hard rifle case for a single rifle?

If yes, this one will meet your requirements. It has enough space for accessories and semiautomatic pistol as well. Additionally, it has quite a few other things going for it. We will highlight the same below.

Large storage space:

As we stated above, it can easily hold an AR-15 rifle. Along with that, you get a slot for the semiautomatic pistol as well. If you’re carrying accessories as well, it can store the side attachments, optics, magazines, foregrips, and so on. In a nutshell, you can carry not just the rifle but also accessories with you.

Heavy-duty foam:

The foam inserts incorporated into the design consist of closed-cell high-grade foam. The material is polyethylene. It means that wear and tear are not going to be a problem for this foam. You can simply wipe it clean, which means that maintenance is easy.

Can tackle moisture:

You also get silica gel canister, which removes moisture from the case. Also, you get a waterproof accessory box. You get a knife with it as well. The moisture eliminating silica gel canister means that rust is not going to be an issue either. Thus, if you’re worried about the humidity, this hard rifle case can take care of that as well.

Airline approved:

The hard rifle case is airline approved. What does that mean? – (read this article from the TSA to understand what is required). It is pad lockable. You can carry it as check-in luggage. The dust-proof construction means that the contents will remain secure inside.

The highlight of this hard rifle case is that it has enough space for not just the rifle but also for various accessories, which is why it is on our list.

PRO’s and CON’s:

• Ample storage space
• Can carry accessories
• Heavy-duty foam
• Moisture-resistant construction
• Airline approved design
• Lid opens only up to 90

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#2 – Eylar 44 Inch Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case:

Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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The outer dimensions of this hard rifle case are 44.37” x 16” x 6.12”. The inner dimensions are 42” x 13.5” x 5.25”. It can secure two rifles or a single rifle with optics and other gear. That is why; it provides you with a bit of customization when it comes to storage.

There are plenty of other features due to which it is on our list. We will highlight these features below.

Waterproof construction:

The construction quality of this hard rifle case is such that it can handle water up to a greater depth. It means that even when it is fully submerged, the rubber gasket lining will protect the contents inside.

Customizable interiors:

It comes along with three layers of foam. Out of these, 2 are fully customizable pull and pluck foam layer. One is of egg-crate foam padding. The advantage is that you can customize these layers are exactly as per the accessories or the contents.

TSA compliant:

Are you planning to travel on a plane with your hard case?

If yes, you would be happy to know that it meets the TSA requirements. It consists of 2 padlocks as well, which can secure the contents easily. Along with that, you get a pressure equalization valve. It means that taking it with you on your trip is not going to be a problem.

Amazing construction quality:

Whichever feature you look at this rifle case, it is quite sturdy. The heavy-duty wheels allow you to move it around. Also, it is resistant to mold, fungus, as well as corrosion. It means that you need not worry about replacing it anytime soon. Also, such sturdy construction ensures that the contents inside will remain safe as well.

The TSA compliant hard rifle case, along with customizable interiors, means that this rifle case would not disappoint you.

PRO’s and CON’s:

• Customizable interiors
• Waterproof construction
• TSA compliant
• Excellent build quality
• Can hold two rifles
• Latch design could be improved

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#1 – **TOP PICK** Pelican 1750 Rifle Case With Foam

Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases Top 5 Best Hard Rifle Cases

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You might be thinking, why do we think this is the best rifle case on top of our list?

The answer is because of the confluence of features that it provides. For a start, the interior dimensions are 50.5” x 13.5” x 5.25”. It means that the amount of space that you get inside is excellent for a single rifle. It is available in 3 different color options, which provide you with some options as well. Now that you are aware of its basic construction let us look at its detailed features.

Solid wall design:

The construction is such that it consists of cell core. You get a solid wall design along with it. It means that sturdiness is not going to be a problem. The sturdiness protects the rifles inside easily. This is one of the best hard case for scoped rifle too!

Can handle any weather:

The case is entirely watertight. It comes along with the O-ring seal. Also, the automatic pressure equalization valve ensures that you can use it for air travel. The valve keeps the water out while releasing the pressure.

Durable padlock protectors:

In many cases, the quality of the padlock protectors is average. However, this one consists of stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors. It means that those would not suffer from any wear and tear, either. Also, the stainless steel construction means that they are entirely reliable as well. The latches are easy to open and close, which means that the amount of effort you would have to use is minimal.

Complete interior protection:

The rifle case is crash-proof, dust-proof as well as waterproof. The advantage of these properties is that your beloved rifle can remain inside in a completely secure fashion.

Easy to move:

The rifle case consists of wheels for moving it around smoothly. It has a double-layered soft-grip handle. It means that you need not put in a lot of effort to move it around.

Customizable foam insert:

It consists of a foam insert that is easy to customize. With ample space available inside, customizing it for the rifle you are carrying is not going to be a problem.

As you can see, it consists of all the features that you might ever look for in a hard rifle case. That is why; it is on top of our list.

• Heavy-duty construction
• Ample storage space inside
• Can carry one rifle easily
• Highly portable
• Reliable securing mechanism
• Customizable interior
• Weather-resistant
• Available in 3 color options
• Packaging needs improvement

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So, if you’re looking for reliable hard rifle cases, these five options will not disappoint you. They are the best of the best. Instead of choosing a substandard hard rifle case and repenting later, it is a good idea to select from our list as we have spent hours researching to make sure that only the best hard rifle cases make it to this list.

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