The Best Duke Trap for Coyote Hunting

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So What Exactly is a Duke trap?

Duke is a brand that manufactures over 40 different types and models of body-gripping traps, cage traps, coil-spring traps and long-spring traps for use in the harvesting and control of the wild and often invasive animal population.

The goal of this article is to show you what the best duke trap for coyote is and how to use it effectively.

A Duke trap can be purchased from numerous amounts of sporting good stores, hardware stores, online retailers and trapping supply houses, making it easier than ever to control the wild animal population.

Duke Traps - The Best Duke Trap for Coyote Hunting

Duke also comes with a certain reputation of having the worlds largest market share in-game traps, with sales to over 100 national and international accounts.

Duke guarantees a huge selection of traps no-matter your profession, giving you the peace of mind to take care of business.

How do you use a Duke trap?

When using the most common Duke trap, the coil springs trap, it is important to follow the careful list of steps in order to make sure that you get the outcome that you expect.

  1. You first need to press down on the levers on the left and right side of the trap, making sure that they are down and in place.
  2. You then want to make sure the jaws are up which allows you to flip the dong over which can be found underneath the pan. This then should hold and secure the trap.
  3. You can check everything has gone smoothly by seeing the jaws are down and the lever is out and clearly seen in the middle of the trap.

All traps also have a swivel on them which allows them to be held down and in place with a stake, making sure that the animal won’t be able to somehow drag the trap off and that other circumstances couldn’t contribute to the loss of your Duke trap.

Which Duke trap should I buy?

It is pretty tricky in deciding what traps to buy from Duke, but just know that it is entirely up to you and what situation you are in. Alongside each trap on the Duke website is a detailed description of what they are able to do to help you clarify what would be the best trap for your situation. Before purchasing, make sure to do extensive research to make sure you don’t purchase the wrong trap for your particular circumstances. For example, say you wanted to catch a coyote with the Duke trap, the number 4 coil-spring would be perfect for this due to its ideal jaw-spread of 6.5 inches and other useful factors.

Here are some great Duke Trap options for your next hunting trip:

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01KMANU4U” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coyotehuntingorg-20″ width=”500″]


This particular Duke trapping package is absolutely perfect for catching fox, coyote or bobcat, which would then go on and hopefully rid them from infesting your surrounding area and endangering your farm, farm animals, crops and family. With a jaw spread of 5.25 inches, it really is perfect for animals like coyotes. It has an offset jaw as seen in the title, and for reference the model number is 0476.

This different design is known as a body trap, and as seen in the name, traps the body as opposed to the previous trap mainly catching the foot and leg area. This particular model has a jaw spread of 10 x 9 inches, making it perfect for those full-body catches. With this model, you can expect to be extremely effective against animals such as beavers, coyotes, otters and bobcats. Again for reference, the model number on this trap is 0430.

4 Duke #2 CS Offset Traps 5.5 jaw Spread

Despite all this, by far the best option you could possibly pick is the Duke #2 CS offset trap due to its amazing ability in catching the exact animals you are looking for. The perfectly sized 5.5-inch jaw spread makes it easier to set up and catch those pesky animals running wild. This great trap is specifically perfect for a wide range of animals, including fox, raccoon, bobcat and of-course the coyote. Finally, for further research on the Duke traps website, simply use 0491 as the reference number.

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