Best Places to Coyote Hunt in the USA!

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Are you looking for the best places to coyote hunt?

The top 5 best states to go coyote hunting in the United States include:

  • Nevada
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado
  • Wyoming

Obviously, the best places to coyote hunt are where coyotes are most plentiful. If you hunt in locations that have small prey like mice you will be more likely to spot a coyote.

You will also find coyotes near places with livestock. Fields, riverbeds, and forests are among some of the best places to coyote hunt. Below find more hunting advice for the above-mentioned states.


Central Nevada remains a key place to find coyotes. There are many private ranchers in central Nevada. Connecting with these ranchers will help you find the best place to coyote hunt in the area. Many ranchers will allow you to continue hunting coyotes even after big game hunting season is over in the winter. Live stock on ranches attract coyotes If the ranch operation is large enough they may have a pit where they dispose of dead livestock. This pit will also attract coyotes to it.


Kansas is one of the best places to find coyotes. Many professional dog hunters have left the area. This is a result of the fur crash that took place in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The area now remains open sport hunters. Though Kansas is not considered a western state coyote’s from the state have the western label which makes their fur desirable and valuable. You will find coyotes spread out through the entire state of Kansas.


Nebraska’s western region features an abundance of coyote habitats. This has been said to be better than habitats in states like Kansas. The coyote population can be found through the state. Nebraska natives will not need a license to hunt coyote, but those living outside the state will need to purchase a non-resident permit.


Colorado may be the most ideal place to hunt coyotes. The state has a large number of national forests. This coupled with high altitudes and cool weather makes Colorado the ideal place to hunt. The best part about Colorado is that you do not lose valuable hunting time having to get permission to hunt from ranchers. In Colorado coyotes are considered a game species. They can be hunted all year round with a small game or a fur-bearer license.


Wyoming’s wide open spaces make it a perfect place to coyote hunt. In Wyoming you will find 17.5 millions public acres of land to hunt on.. Another perk that Wyoming offers is legal night hunting. The coyote population is large in Wyoming. Shot guns with a .233 caliber would work best in open areas.

The Top 10 Hunter Friendly States in America

Listed by population percentage, you can see the popularty of general hunting (Not just coyote hunting) across the united states. Interesting to note that a number of the states above appear in this infographic list.

Carportcentral InfoGraphics

As you can see, there are some great options there for hunting. If you’re interested in any other form of hunting you can check out the guided hunts listed below:

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