Coyote Hunting Tips – Strategies and Techniques

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Coyote Hunting Tips – Strategies and TechniquesFor people who are seeking to do something that can make spending their time worthwhile, coyote hunting can be an interesting choice. Hunting may appear as cruel or harmful to others but these narrow-minded perceptions about this endeavor should most certainly be eradicated. Such is the case in coyote hunting. Coyotes are some of the most widely distributed animals in North America that are known to prey on livestock and other animals. Some of these animals are endangered. Hence, hunting coyotes is a means for controlling their population which will help in balancing the ecosystem. In addition, their fur which is obtained from hunting can be utilized to make coats and other items which can be sold for business. Furthermore, when planning to go on a hunting trip, there are a number of preparations that must be done. There are responsibilities for anyone who decides to go out coyote hunting. Once you’re ready and taken note of the regulations to go hunting, you can certainly use some coyote hunting tips to help you yield positive results.

Experienced coyote hunter Cory Lundberg shares some tips that have helped him with his coyote hunting adventures through an article on Here are some pointers he shared when hunting coyotes:

  • Inquire from the local authorities if coyote hunting is legal in a certain area. After that, inform landowners from the areas involved about your hunting plans to avoid confusion. He says that it is best to show your good intentions by making a good impression on the residents of the area.
  • Select calls that don’t sound like howls. Howls can cause problems such as provoking dogs from nearby neighborhoods to cause an unnecessary ruckus. Distress sounds such as that of kittens and puppies are ideal when attracting coyotes.
  • In case several coyotes show up, there a number of things to consider so that you won’t end up confusing yourself. Lundberg says that bringing a shotgun is important especially if you go hunting alone. If what you have is a rifle, then shoot the one that’s farthest first and then work your way forward. In this scenario, the coyotes that are closer in distance from you would usually stop to check on the one that’s been shot. A distress call should then be played which will make them stop, and this is the time when you’d be able to shoot another of them.

From the same article, Montana-based hunters and friends Ryan Lawson, Chad Muus and Levi Johnson also have their own bits of coyote hunting tips to share:

  • Dogs are good as decoys in coyote hunting. However, they should, of course, be trained especially from an early age. Their choice of dogs is mountain curs which become just the right size when fully grown. Aside from acting as decoys, they also make good pets.
  • Using dogs as decoys is a part of the hunt, as well as the playing of distress calls. Hence, there must be timing when executing your plan. For instance, the decoys will first lure the coyotes to get closer and when the coyote stops, it will be time to turn on the distress call.
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