The Best Time of Year to Hunt Coyotes

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What is the best time to start hunting coyotes?

The best time of year to hunt coyotes is during the cold winter months. Ideally the best time of day to hunt coyotes is at dawn or dusk. If you missed the winter hunting season or you are not an early morning person do not fret. Other opportune times for you to bag a coyote exist.

Why winter is best time to hunt for coyotes?

Winter is ideal for hunting coyotes. During this time of year, you will see more coyotes on the prowl. Finding food during the winter months can be challenging for these predators.

During the winter season coyotes often spend most of their day looking for something to eat. As winter progresses the coyote becomes less nocturnal and can be spotted throughout the day. In addition, cold temperatures create an environment where coyotes remain more active. 30- 50 degrees Fahrenheit provides the ideal temperature to hunt these keen-eyed creatures.

Because of this cold, the coyotes’ body has to burn more energy to survive. They have an increased need for heat and it takes more energy to stay warm and cut paths through heavy snow. This means that they need more calories. Coyotes are hungrier in the winter because their body requires more fuel to survive.

This means that they’re more susceptible to calls that you use, especially wounded prey calls.

They come quickly to these calls thinking that they’re going to be able to save some of their precious energy hunting an animal that is already wounded. Some coyotes have become suspicious of calls and because they’re so hungry in the winter they’re more likely to let their instincts override their suspicion and come to your call when you use it.

The snow also makes it easier to hunt coyotes. In the warmer months, coyotes can be very difficult to track. In the winter, with the help of the snow, it’s easier to locate and follow their tracks and easier to pick up on signs like scat in the white snow.

There are times during the winter season you will want to avoid. You do not want to hunt for coyotes in a snow storm with high winds. Winds that exceed 20 mph makes for catastrophic hunting conditions. One of the best tools coyotes have in their sense of smell. When winds are high their sense of smell increases and hunters are at a disadvantage.

In addition, poor visibility will hinder you in your hunting escapade. You will want to wait for the storm to dissipate to have a successful hunt. After a storm the barometric temperature rises. Your chance of spotting a coyote increases as the barometric pressure rises.

Best Time of Year to Hunt Coyotes

How do you Hunt Coyotes in the Winter?

The snow helps you identify their tracks and you can easily scout out their travel routes. Once you know where they’re going to be travelling you can set up to call along those routes. They often travel along bush lines or fence lines. It helps to scout out their prey tracks as well because if you can find their prey you’re more likely to find the coyotes.

Try talking to farmers in the area to see if they’ve spotted any coyotes. Farmlands are great places to hunt for coyotes so if you find a farmer who’s seen a few ask their permission to hunt in their fields.

Coyotes love hunting in forested areas during the day and then coming into the farmer’s fields at night to hunt mice and rabbits. In the winter they’re often seen in the daylight and they have a harder time camouflaging into the brush and forests.

Once you’ve found a good place to hunt make sure that you get there early and set up before you start trying to call coyotes in. Even in the winter when they’re hungry a Coyote is still a difficult animal to call in because of their intelligence.

When you’ve found an area to set up, sit there quietly and look for anything that’s out of place. When your coyote enters the field they’re going to be scanning for you so make sure you’re well hidden, quiet and still otherwise they’ll spook.

Once you’re set up start using some wounded prey calls to call in your Coyote. Remember that the cold winter air can sap the batteries in your calls pretty quickly so make sure you’ve got extras or some manual calls. Make some quick hurt sounding calls and look into the wind because this is where your Coyote will appear. Once he appears and pauses for a moment it’s time to take your shot.

Hunting Coyotes in the winter can be a very rewarding experience and it offers some advantages that allow you to call in this intelligent predator.

Can I successfully hunt coyotes in fall, spring and summer?

Many hunter find fall the best time to hunt coyotes. It is relatively easy to summon coyotes during this season. During this time of year coyote pups are active and plentiful.

You can also hunt coyotes during the spring months; however, they are very territorial during these months. During the spring coyotes begin creating dens. The best tactics to employ during the spring is the utilization of coyote calls along with distress sounds.

While summer is the worst season to hunt coyotes some hunters still enjoy hunting during this time of year. A successful hunt becomes less likely in the summer months.

Why morning is the best time to hunt?

Early morning to about 11 am is the ideal time to target your prey. In the morning coyotes are most active. Siren and howl calls are most effective during these early hours.

What other times of the day are best for hunting coyotes?

The evening presents a good time to hunt coyotes. Coyotes behave similar in the evening hours as they do in the morning. You will want to wait for the until dusk to begin hunting. Many hunters find they have a successful hunt at dusk.

Hunters can find success in the afternoon. You need to focus on your location and your scouting skills. Taking care with your set up and approach will lead to positive results. During afternoon hunters can be more tired and forget to complete tasks that can yield a successful hunt. Important tasks are often forgotten such as checking wind conditions.

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