How to Coyote Call – Best Predator Calls – 2020

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As you probably know, coyote hunting is a challenging sport; so I can understand why you want to learn how to coyote call.

If you haven’t mastered some key techniques or acquired some specific gear, you will certainly miss out on the success your other hunting friends are having. 

But what gear?

Specifically, coyote callers. 

Coyotes are fast, cunning and elusive. Their survival instinct is very strong. In fact, coyotes caught in traps have been known to quite literally chew off their own leg to make an escape. 

Achieving a successful coyote hunt means you need to outsmart these predators by drawing the coyotes out, making them come to you. 

How do you do that?

By using the best coyote calls for your next hunt.

Before I get into exactly what the best coyote calls might be, let me tell you all about coyote callers, and how to coyote call using both mouth blown callers and electronic coyote calls:

What are coyote callers?

Exactly as it sounds, coyote callers are a predator hunting tool that allows you to communicate with the coyote. With practice, you can become good at drawing the coyote close enough for shooting which will greatly improve your success when hunting them. Coyote callers come in three types:

  • Mouth Blown Calls
  • Hand Calls
  • Electronic Coyote Calls

Mouth Blown Calls

Mouth blown callers are the most basic type of calls that have a number of benefits, but also some drawbacks when you are comparing with the electroinic type.

These types of calls are constructed from plastic or wood. You simply hold them in your hands and blow through them to imitate the sound of a coyote.

You can blow them in different ways to produce different sounds. You can make sounds such as:

  • Howl
  • Bark
  • Distress

If you’re thinking about purchasing a mouth call, you need to think about the time it takes to master them as they can be a little tricky to get the hang of to produce your own realisitic coyote sound.

If you can manage to get the hang of it, you will no doubt find it pretty satisfying and also save some money along the way as a mouth callers start around the $15 mark.

Here is one we think is a great deal:

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Pros of Mouth Blown Calls:

  • Calling a coyote with your mouth is a pretty darn satisfying thing to do!
  • Super inexpensive to get going with (check out the price on the link above)
  • They are all of a small size so they are very transportable. They are only between 4-8 inches long so they are super convenient.
  • No setup time with mouth calls. In comparison, some electronic calls can take up to 10-15 minutes to set up – where you are exposed and in the sight of nearby coyotes.

Cons of Mouth Blown Calls:

Another consideration is that if you choose to use a mouth call you can be directing the attention of your prey to you; rather than to a bush or some other natural feature as you can do with an electronic type caller.

Hand Calls

Hand calls are another great option for those who want the satisfaction of drawing out the coyote with their own efforts.

Hand calls generally make a squeaking sound and are designed to imitate the distress sounds of a small animal.

These calls are abut 6-12 inches in length and have a culinder shaped base with a bulb-style top.

To operate, hold the call in one hand, and you tap the bulb with the palm of your other hand.

Hand calls are desiged to be used to attract coyotes that are short to mid-range distance away. If you give the hand call a go, it should draw the coyote out into the open.

in comparison to electronic coyote calls, the sound from hand calls typically travels far less.

Electronic Coyote Calls

Predator Calling With Randy Anderson-Coyote, Fox, Bobcat Hunts-Primos Truth About Hunting Season 17

Over the past few years, predator calling has become a major pastime during winters for recreational hunters all over world. Coyote hunting is one of the most favorite games for people who like a good hunt. This is mainly because coyotes are quite hard to catch. In fact, some coyotes can even chew their leg off just to escape from traps. This shows that they’ve got high preservation instincts. However, by using the best coyote calls, you can’t miss them anymore.

Learning to hunt using coyote calls does not have to be a difficult task. When hunting, you should try to mix up the sounds in order to sound more natural. In certain areas, coyotes already know that they’re being targeted by human being. As such, they tend to be keen and they won’t just respond to all calls. They usually weigh the sound’s authenticity twice before responding. It’s also advisable that you use electronic coyote calls.

These are among the most effective hunting tools that you should master. You can set electric coyote calls in the kill zone and then wait for the prey to approach. Also, having a multi-speaker coyote call is an added advantage. The speakers will give you a more realistic sounding calls and a wider range. Some units have an aux-out that you can attach external speaker systems which further adds to their flexibility. For mobile hunters, a handheld tool will be can be ideal as they can be transported easily to your preferred hunting grounds.

People have different wants and needs when it comes to coyote calls which make it difficult to pick the best unit that suits your personal needs and preferences. Despite this, there are many coyote calls on the market that are undoubtedly great. These models take coyote calling to a whole new level; they are loud, extremely durable and they have great sound quality for the calls. That being said, let’s check what the market offers. Here is a comprehensive top 5 best coyote calls review:

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  • It’s an effective electronic calling system
  • This coyote call is durable and easy to operate.
  • The unit comes together with the remote control with a full colour LCD graphic screen
  • It comes along with realistic sounds and a capacity of storing up to 1,000 sounds
  • Reprogramming this coyote call is easy as well


  • The call is pricey
  • The remote range isn’t incredibly wide

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How To Use Electronic Calls For Hunting Coyotes

The basics of using most calling stands still apply to electronic calls for hunting coyotes. When using electronic calls, you should wear full camouflage which includes gloves and a face mask. You should hide your vehicle and go in quietly. Also, don’t silhouette yourself by going on top of a hill to set up your caller. You should set-up the unit so that you’re either calling cross-wind or into the wind.


It is advisable that you use remote controlled callers. These units are designed to get the caller’s sound away from the user. Remember, coyotes usually focus on the place where the sound comes from and not where you’re sitting. You should be careful when setting the coyote caller and not get “busted” in the process. To do so, you must stay low, make use of a cover, do it fast and then get back to cover. You should be patient and ensure that you have done it in the right way.

Also, make use of decoys. A decoy placed next to the coyote caller will focus 2 of their senses, sight and hearing on the call. There are many high quality electronic decoys that you can get on the market, but most people prefer using a turkey feather placed on a stick. These decoys are light, easy to carry and they indicate wind direction. The decoys will significantly increase your kills. In addition, they also give you those extra few seconds that you might require to get a perfect shot.

Many new callers tend to set too much volume when using electronic calls. This might blow out the animals close around, and make coyotes to come out in a more cautious manner. You should not turn up your e-caller past the half volume. Start at quarter volume mark or even less. With the prevalence of e-callers, any person can become a great coyote caller just by pressing a few buttons. However, if you actually want to raise your game, you should understand the basics outlined here.


Coyote calls have many unique features that will suit different hunters. Each unit listed above is a popular option and they have proven to be effective in most situations. If you’re in need of a high-quality coyote call, then the above listed products are worth purchasing. They are all durable and well-constructed to offer the best calling features and realistic sounds on the market. The next time you go out to buy a coyote caller, always put these units into consideration and they won’t disappoint. Enjoy hunting!

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