Best Gun for Coyote Hunting – Ultimate 2020 Guide

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Finding the best gun for coyote hunting is a real challenge!

There’s so many things to consider including different varieties of sizes, calibers, manufacturers and general shapes.

In this article, I have built a round-up of some of the best guns to hunt coyote’s including varieties of:

  • Bolt Rifles
  • Short Shotguns
  • AR’s

before we dive in though, here is what we believe to be the ‘best gun for coyote hunting’:

WINNER: Howa 1500 Hogue Varminter

Best Gun for Coyote Hunting - Ultimate 2020 Guide

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Some people just aren’t ready to leave the woods when the deer season ends.

Finding the best gun for coyote hunting can be tricky...

For these people, coyote hunting is where it’s at…

Coyote populations continue to expand year over year across America. They’re known for their destructive nature and the havoc they can wreak on farms and livestock.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to get in on the action of hunting coyotes. There are heaps of weapon options, and you can accessorize with sights and hunting lights to your hearts’ content.


Read on to learn how you can get in the coyote hunting game and find the best gun for coyote hunting without breaking your account.

What’s the Best Coyote Hunting Caliber?

I guess to answer this question it’s important to know exactly what caliber is referring to.

Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet your gun will fire. Generally these are denoted by a decimal point. So for example, if you were shooting a with a 22 caliber bullet, you would be shooting a bullet that is .22 of an inch.

So what is the best coyote caliber to use?

As with most things in life, the answere really is ‘it depends’… sorry, that probably not what you wanted to hear.

To help you decide, the most important thing to consider is, do you care about the fur?

Ultimately, the real determining factor on whether you retain the fur comes down to the speed of the bullet. If you choose something that is simply too fast, you will definitely run the risk of ‘blowing the coyote up!’. The distance you are shooting will also be a contributing factor here.

But generally, the best coyote caliber to use is anything in the 22 caliber range – it should do the trick on any coyote.

We do profer a 204 or a 22–250 calber as they generally shoot a little flatter than as 223 and have a little more ‘pop’ to them in the 300-400 yard distance.

The Best Gun For Hunting Coyote Hunting List

Savage Axis Gun

Best Gun for Coyote Hunting - Ultimate 2020 Guide

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The Savage Axis Gun is found in:

  • 22-25rem
  • 223rem
  • 243Win

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The Savige Axis ranges in price from around $350-$400 and is available in both left and right-handed action making it a universally a great option.

These guns are fitted with a still barrel that is carbon in nature and can easily accommodate mounted scopes.

When empty, this gun weighs 6.5 pounds and is fed from four detachable magazine boxes.

Ruger American Rifle

Best Gun for Coyote - Ruger American Rifle

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When hunting coyote, the Ruger American rifle can be an excellent choice to get the job done.

The American Rifle weighs 6.5 pounds, has a 22-inch barrel, and a synthetic matte finished.

The Ruger has a trigger that is adjustable to the user which allows for a crisp, and light let off.

The gun is fed with four magazines and has a versatile and easy to use mounting system for your scope.

Howa Ranchland

Best Gun For Coyote - Howa Ranchland

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This rifle is designed for a tight quarter compact. It is handy in fast maneuvers and has a 20-inch lightweight barrel and has two triggers that are stage matched with a long pull of 13.87.

The Howa also has scopes rails that make mounting optics very easy and have four round magazines

Remington Model 700

Best Gun For Coyote - Remington Model 700

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Though this gun is designed for law enforcers in tactical applications, the Remington model 700 had intriguing possibilities, which makes it a a real contender when it comes to choosing a rifle for coyote hunting.

The Remington has a heavy barrel that is only 16.5 inches long, making it maneuverable even in positions that quite concealed.

One of the key features is its accuracy when taking lengthy shots. This feature makes it an ideal weapon for hunting coyotes (along with many other intelligent predators)

Winchester XPR SR

Best Gun for Coyote - Winchester XPR SR

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This is a very new workhorse, and it costs $619. It is designed to be affordable and accurate. This rifle is very significant at coyote hunting, and they are very suitable for big games. If you need flexibility out of your gun, this rifle is for you

DPMS Sportical

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This sporting rifle is very modern and set-up to be among coyote hunter for professionals, it has a variable power scope. It is accurate in such a way that few coyotes can escape and scopes that have a very higher power range. This gun is also equipped well for shots of close range. It can shoot more than 400 yards.

Del-ton DT

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This gun is very wallet-friendly and has chambers that are 5.56/223 Rem. And a buttstock that is adjustable in six-position. When the weapon is empty, it weighs 5.6 pounds, and it accepts magazines fromAR-15 and Mill-spec

These upper guns unit has a configuration of A3 and its front sight from A2, which is very standard. This feature provides a lot of options for the view. It has rails that allow mounting of scopes to be rapid and reflex and makes coyote hunting exciting. However, these sights can be replaced by the ones on the A2.

Smith and Wesson M&P 15

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Although this gun has no fancy features, it would make an excellent gun for hunting coyote for a very lower price than many specific models of varmint. You will get AR features that you have always expected, adjustable buttstock, and a muzzle that is threaded this gun also has attachment points with sling swivel.


If you are considering buying a good hunting gun, you think the options that have been listed above. They will satisfy your needs and give you an excellent hunting experience

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