What is the Best Coyote Bait for Trapping – The 2 Best Bait Types!

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The best coyote bait for trapping can vary from hunter to hunter. It really depends on what you have available and your level of skill.

I wish I could say that there is a magic coyote bait that will guarantee the coyote is lured to your trap, but unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Before you try to snare a coyote in a trap, you should do research about the best traps and techniques.

Best Coyote Bait for Trapping - Setting a Trap

The best coyote bait used on a haphazard trap will mean you either won’t catch anything, or just end up catching a raccoon or some other critter (not ideal). Once you have researched the type of trap and the best locations to place the trap, then you can begin finding your bait.

There are two types of commonly used coyote bait:

  • Commercial Coyote Bait
  • Homemade Coyote Bait

Commercial coyote bait can be found in many haunting stores and online. The Amazon online store has a variety of options that can be sent to you.

Another option for creating the best coyote bait for trapping is homemade.

Homemade baits allow the individual to customize based on the coyote prey in the area. With homemade bait, you have to research what coyotes are attracted to. Each method of baiting has its own pros and cons.

An interesting fact about coyotes is that they have been known to be attracted to the scent of coyote fat, and has been used on occasion by hunters to attract coyotes into the area for easy targeting.

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Best coyote bait for trapping
A fierce, snarling coyote with mouth open and hackles up. Near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada.

Best Coyote Bait for Trapping – Commercial Coyote Bait

There is over-the-counter coyote bait that is sold in stores that specialize in hunting and outdoors. The best coyote baits for trapping are made out of all-natural ingredients. The main ingredient in any coyote bait should always be raw animal carcass. I would recommend steering away from any bait that is primarily filled with artificial ingredients. It is important to keep in mind that coyotes are intelligent animals, and the wrong bait can make them very suspicious. Knowing how coyotes think and their hunting patterns are also great to do preliminary research on before choosing to set a trap.

The main benefit of commercial coyote bait is that it is portable.

You can carry this with you when you are haunting and it is in a closed jar.

The second benefit of commercial coyote bait is that you only have to use a small amount at a time. This means you can carry a small amount and the jar can easily be placed in a pocket or bag.

Best Coyote Bait for Trapping – Homemade Coyote Bait

Just like some of the best food is homemade, some of the best coyote baits for trapping are homemade. To make your own homemade coyote bait for trapping there are a few factors to keep in mind.

In addition to researching different types of meat, you must know the best cuts of meat, oils, types of oils, and other important factors.

Here is what I believe to be the best coyote bait recipe:

  1. Cut 1 gallon of beaver meat into egg-sized pieces
  2. Spread out the meat on a screen or towel of some kind
  3. Place the meat in a plastic container and then add in:
    • 1 Pint of Honey
    • 6 ounces of glycerine
    • 2 ounces of beaver castor
    • 1 ounce of asafoetida
    • 1/2 ounce of tonquin musk
    • 4 heaped soup spoonfuls of sodium benzoate powder

NOTE: Always wear rubber gloves when making baits and lures, otherwise you will find things get very smelly very fast!

The best homemade baits are catered to the environment and include meats from local animals. The best type ingredients needed for creating homemade baits are:

  • Raw chicken for coyote bait is a great simple coyote bait
  • Use animals’ carcasses, like deer or hogs, bits of butchered meat, which can come from sheep, cattle, and moose, and entrails of smaller animals, like otters and beavers. It is recommended you pick a fattier cut of meat. Coyotes are attracted to animal fat and the fatty rich tissue is a delicacy to them. The best baits are a mixture of 2 or more animal carcasses because the scent will be stronger.
  • Ground-up scent organs from animals such as muskrats, skunks, mink, and beaver. This is again to make the scent of the lure stronger.
  • Baiting coyotes with dog food is another option that many trappers use
  • A small amount of asafoetida. Asafoetida is a type of gum rosin found in many coyote baits. It is also commonly used in Indian food and can be found in stores that specialize in Indian cuisine. It is also found online.
  • It is also good to add some oils to the mixture. Of course, the best oils to add are found in animals such as minks and muskrats. If you do not have those options, a great alternative is carrier oils such as coconut oil & fish oil.

Once you have created your mixture, it is best to let it cure for about a month. I would store it in a place that is warm and has good sunlight. Use a cheesecloth to cover and keep out flies and maggots.

Please keep in mind this coyote bait will not smell pleasant once it is done curing. I believe skunk pee is more pleasant to smell. So try not to get this on your clothes or skin. The benefit of the strong smell is that it is more likely to attract the coyote.

How often should you bait a coyote trap?

Some people say that you should bait the coyote trap with something new every day, while others say to bait the coyote trap only once in a while so the lure will be stronger.

I hope that this article gives you some insight into the various options for choosing the best coyote bait for trapping. I would suggest choosing the best option for you and doing your research.

Also, keep notes about what worked and what has not worked because it will help with future coyote trappings. This will increase your chances of finding the best coyote bait for trapping.

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