How to Hunt Coyotes at Night – Coyote Night Hunting FAQs

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To understand how to hunt coyotes at night, one must consider numerous factors and arm themselves with the right knowledge. Night hunting for these elusive creatures is an activity that often leaves hunters with a multitude of questions. This article aims to provide answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs) about coyote night hunting and enlighten you on necessary strategies to succeed.

To start with, you need to understand the significance of the right light, specifically a red light, which plays a crucial role in your night vision capabilities when hunting coyotes. It’s important to grasp when to switch from high to low illumination levels without startling your prey.

Another significant aspect of hunting these creatures at night is their vocalizations. Understanding the meaning of different sounds such as howls, distress calls, whimpers, and chirps can dramatically increase your chances of a successful hunt.

In the mysterious nocturnal world of coyotes, deciphering the varied howls – from the challenge howl of a dominant male to the whimpering chirps of a young female – can make all the difference. So, gear up and prepare yourself for an informative dive into the world of coyote night hunting.

Before we dive in, please understand that this article is simply a guide and was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing this. As always, do take the time to check with your official state policies before engaging in night hunting Coyote.

Can you Hunt Coyotes at Night in Ohio?

The short answer is yes.

Ohio Laws and Rules, (21/05/20)

The long answer is also yes, as long as you’re aware of the state’s laws and regulations. First, to be allowed to hunt, you’ll need a valid hunter’s license for the State of Ohio. When hunting coyotes at night, you’re allowed to have rifles and night vision scopes.

But that’s legal only for hunting coyotes, so be careful in that regard. The caveat to nightly hunting is the forbiddance to hunt between the 1/2 hour after sunset, and the 1/2 hour before sunrise, during deer seasons.

You’re also allowed to use baits such as grain or fruit, but can’t use dead wild animals. Other regulations include no using motor vehicles, not even to spotlight, and no using dogs to help hunt. That said, hunting coyotes isn’t a seasonal pastime, and you can hunt an unlimited number of them.

Can you Hunt Coyotes at Night in Arkansas?

No, legally you cannot hunt coyotes at night in Arkansas.

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, (21/05/20)

Hunters and trappers, aged 16 and older with a valid Arkansas hunting license, may hunt coyotes during season.

Coyote hunting season runs from July 1st at sunrise until February 28th at sunset.

There is no bag limit on coyotes, and non-residents of Arkansas with a valid Arkansas hunting license are permitted to hunt them as well. You may hunt coyote with archery equipment, firearms of any caliber, and shotguns using no larger than a T shot.

You are not permitted to hunt coyote from any motorized land vehicles. Although baiting and decoys are permitted, there is no baiting of coyotes permitted in wildlife management areas. You are permitted to use dogs when hunting coyote, except during deer season. You may hunt coyote from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset during coyote season.

Can you Hunt Coyotes at Night In Georgia?

Georgia – Department of Natural Resources, (21/05/20)

Yes, legally you may hunt coyotes at night in Georgia. Any resident of Georgia over the age of 16 with a valid hunting or combination license may hunt coyotes.

If you are hunting on your own land or the land owned by a direct relative, a hunting license isn’t required to hunt coyote. Electronic calls and decoys are legal to use when hunting coyote, however, you may only use weapons that are allowed in hunting specific game of that particular season. You may not hunt coyotes from a vehicle, plane, or powered boat.

It is not legal to use bait to hunt coyotes. There is no bag limit and no closed season on hunting coyote in Georgia. The use of buckshot to hunt coyotes is prohibited during special coyote hunts. You may hunt coyote using dogs if you are on your own land or the land of a direct relative.

Can you Hunt Coyotes at Night in PA?

PA Game Commission, (21/05/20)

Yes, you can hunt coyotes at night. You can hunt them at any hour, on any day. This does include Sundays, when hunting most wildlife is illegal. The only exception is the restricted periods, so make sure to double-check for these.

As always, there are laws and regulations to keep in mind. Make sure to have a furtaker license during big game seasons to be allowed to hunt coyotes. Outside of this, you can have either a furtaker license or a standard hunting license.

Be aware of what firearms you are allowed to use when hunting coyotes. Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns with shots greater than #4 buckshot are restricted.

Everything allowed in the day is allowed in the night. You can also have a handheld light or gun light, excluding flashlights and spotlights. Utilizing vehicles while hunting is illegal without a Disabled Person’s Permit.

Can You Hunt Coyotes At Night In Texas?

Texas Parks & Wildlife, (21/05/20)

Yes, you may hunt coyotes at night in Texas. Texas considers coyotes to be under the non-game classification, and therefore, very few limitations are placed upon hunting coyotes. Hunters of all ages, resident and non-resident, must obtain a license to hunt any wild animal. However, in the case that a coyote is going to attack, has just attacked, or is attacking livestock, domestic animals, or fowl, law permits they be killed regardless of possession of a valid hunting license.

Texas law does not place any bag limits on hunting coyotes. You may hunt coyotes on private land that you own 24/7, 365 days per year. Texas law allows the use of decoys, use of bait, and you may use high wattage lights when hunting coyotes at night. Any firearm is permitted when hunting coyotes in Texas, and the use of archery equipment is permitted as well.

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