Eylar Hard Rifle Case Review: My Favourites!

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As a long-time rifle owner, I’ve come to understand that a good rifle case isn’t just an accessory; it’s a necessity.

Over the years, I’ve used more cases than I can count, but one that has truly proven its worth is the Eylar Hard Rifle Case. This reliable sidekick has served me well on numerous hunting trips and visits to the range, offering an unmatched blend of durability and convenience.

In the following sections, I’m excited to share more about why this case has become my go-to for storing and transporting my rifle.

Detailed Features of the Eylar Hard Rifle Case

First off, let me tell you, the Eylar Hard Rifle Case is like a fortress for your rifle. Made from high-impact resistant material, it has withstood accidental drops and bumps like a champ, leaving my rifle unscathed every time.

The case is dustproof and waterproof, and trust me, that IP67 rating isn’t just for show. I’ve been caught in sudden downpours and even accidentally dropped the case in a shallow creek once. Each time, my rifle stayed dry, no worse for the wear.

Eylar Hard Rifle Case - The waterproof IP67 Rating is brilliant

The interior of the Eylar Hard Rifle Case is a standout feature too. It comes with customizable foam padding, which I’ve found invaluable. I’ve adjusted the padding to snugly fit my rifle and its accessories, to make sure they don’t move around during transit.

It’s like having a custom-made bed for your firearm!

Another feature I’ve grown to appreciate is the pressure relief valve. It automatically adjusts the internal pressure of the case, keeping my rifle secure when I’m moving from low to high altitudes or during sudden temperature changes.

And let’s not forget about security.

With four double-throw latches and two padlock points, I’ve always felt confident about my rifle’s safety, whether I’m on the road or storing it at home.

Benefits of Choosing an Eylar Hard Rifle Case

Choosing the Eylar Hard Rifle Case has brought me peace of mind in more ways than one. It’s not just the robust protection it offers; it’s also the case’s little thoughtful features that make a big difference.

The customizable foam padding isn’t just a neat feature, it’s a game-changer. I’ve been able to arrange it perfectly around my rifle and accessories, so there’s no sliding or jostling around. It’s like having a case tailor-made for my equipment.

The pressure relief valve has saved my day on more than one occasion, too. I once had to drive up a steep mountain pass for a hunt, and despite the significant change in altitude, my rifle remained safe and secure inside the case.

And finally, the security this case offers just can’t be beat. Whether I’m off on another adventure or storing my rifle at home, the secure latches and padlock points give me the confidence that my firearm is always under lock and key.

In the end, the Eylar Hard Rifle Case isn’t just a storage solution; it’s an investment in the longevity and safety of my rifle.

And, from my experience, it’s an investment that’s definitely worth making.

Eylar Hard Rifle Case Options

The Eylar Hard Rifle case range is excellent and carries most of the features across all of their models. I will begin by talking about the features of the 38″ Eylar Hard Case and then discuss the differences across the rest of the range.

  • 38″
  • 44″
  • 48″
  • 49″ (Slim)
  • 53″
  • 53″ (Slim)

38″ Eylar Hard Rifle Case Options

The Eylar Hard Rifle Case, a favorite among gun enthusiasts, provides not just top-notch protection but also comes in a variety of colors. So whether you’re looking for something discreet or want to make a statement, there’s a color option that suits your style.

The 38″ Eylar case is available in:

Each colour giving the case a distinctive look while maintaining its robust features and excellent protection.

With outer dimensions of 38.3″ x 17.85″ x 6.25″ and inner dimensions of 35.8″ x 13.8″ x 5.75″, the 38″ Eylar Hard Rifle Case is designed to secure up to two rifles, depending on the models and if they’re fitted with optics and gear. For instance, it could comfortably fit a 16″ upper with optics, a 10″ upper with optics vertical grip, flashlight, 2 complete lowers, and a few other accessories.

However, remember that different rifle models have varying sizes. It’s always best to measure your rifle and compare it with the case’s dimensions to ensure a good fit.

Here are a few key details about the Eylar Hard Rifle Case:

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Rubber
  • Color Options: Black, Pink, Green, Storm White, Grey, Tan
  • Item Weight: 16.8 lbs
  • Closure Type: Snap
  • Size: 38″

One small tip from a long-time user – the foam inserts are cut slightly smaller than the case. Having some spray adhesive handy will allow you to secure the foam layers in place. This way, they won’t come out whenever you open the case or remove your rifle.

The Eylar Hard Rifle Case is made to last and designed with the user’s needs in mind. With reinforced solid roller wheels for transport, crushproof drag handles, and a pressure equalization valve, this case is as practical as it is protective.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of the Eylar Hard Rifle Case based on my personal experience and other users’ reviews:


  • Robust and durable construction
  • Waterproof and dustproof design (IP67 rated)
  • Customizable foam padding for a snug fit
  • Comes with a pressure relief valve
  • Available in multiple color options


  • The foam inserts need to be glued in place
  • Replacement foam layers can be challenging to find

Despite its minor drawbacks, the Eylar Hard Rifle Case remains a top choice for many, including me. Its robust construction, thoughtful features, and customization options make it a reliable and stylish option for your rifle storage and transport needs.

44″ Eylar Hard Rifle Case Options

Now, let’s focus on the differences:

The most apparent difference is the size. While the 38″ case is certainly ample for most needs, the 44″ variant provides additional space which can be beneficial for larger rifles or for those who need to carry more gear. The larger size also adds slightly to the weight, with the 44″ case weighing 20.5 lbs.

Given the larger size, the 44″ case can fit larger rifles or firearms with additional gear compared to the 38″ case. Always measure your rifle and compare it with the case’s inner dimensions to ensure it will fit.

Other than the smaller size, the 44″ Eylar Hard Rifle Case carries over all the great features of the 38″ model. It’s waterproof and crushproof, with a pressure equalization valve to accommodate changes in altitude during transportation. It also meets TSA requirements and includes two padlock adaptable fittings for secure storage.

Just like the 38″ model, it includes three layers of foam for protection – a fully customizable pull & pluck cubed foam layer, a solid foam layer, and a layer of egg-crate foam padding.

In summary, if you require more storage space for your rifles or gear, the 44″ Eylar Hard Rifle Case might be the better option. It shares all the great features of the 38″ case, but in a larger package, providing that extra bit of room for your larger firearms or additional equipment.

49″ Eylar Slim Hard Rifle Case Options

If, like me, you’ve come to appreciate the robust and secure nature of Eylar’s rifle cases, you might be interested in their 49″ Slim Hard Rifle Case. I’ve found that this model offers the same sturdy protection but with a more streamlined, lightweight design.

Size and Weight:
One of the things that caught my eye about the Eylar 49″ Slim Hard Rifle Case is its design for single rifle capacity. It has an outer size of 49.37″ x 11.81″ x 5″, and an inner storage area of 48.03″ x 9.13″ x 4.25″. This means there’s plenty of room to comfortably store my rifle, yet it only weighs in at 12.5 lbs due to its slim design. This is a big win for me when I need to transport my rifle on my own or when I’m prioritizing mobility.

What’s different about the 49″ Slim Hard Rifle Case compared to the 38″ and 44″ models is its focus on simplicity and portability, thanks to the slim and compact design. Don’t be fooled, though, it still retains key features I’ve come to value, like the automatic pressure purge valve, and it still meets those crucial TSA requirements with two quarter-inch padlock fittings for secure storage.

If you’re like me and enjoy having color options to choose from, you’ll be pleased to know that the 49″ Slim Hard Rifle Case comes in:

  • Black,
  • Green
  • Storm White
  • Grey
  • Tan

I was a little disappointed, though, to find out that unlike the 38″ and 44″ models, this slim version doesn’t come in Pink.

Padding and Protection:
One aspect I really appreciate about this slim case is the three layers of foam. It includes 1 fully perforated pull & pluck cubed layer, 1 solid foam layer, and 1 layer of convoluted foam padding. This ensures my firearm is comfortably cushioned and secured during transport.

Check Price and Availability

All in all, from my experience, the Eylar 49″ Slim Hard Rifle Case offers a fantastic alternative for those seeking a compact and lightweight option without compromising the high standard of protection that Eylar is renowned for. Whether I’m off to the range or out in the field, this case has proven to be an excellent companion for my firearm transportation needs.

53″ Eylar Slim Hard Rifle Case Options

Having used Eylar cases extensively, I was intrigued to try out the 53″ Slim Hard Rifle Case, especially as it boasts a design catering specifically for a single rifle.

Size and Weight:
The very first thing that stood out to me was the case’s generous dimensions. With an outer size of 53.34″ x 13.86″ x 5″ and an inner size of 51″ x 11.1″ x 4.37″, there’s more than enough room for my rifle. Despite its size, the case manages to maintain a manageable weight at just 14.5 lbs, making it quite easy to carry around.

Design and Features:
Like the previous models I’ve tried, this one also meets TSA requirements and has two quarter-inch padlock fittings. Its slim design gives it an elegant yet robust look, and it’s also equipped with an automatic pressure purge valve, a feature I’ve grown to appreciate in other Eylar cases.

The 53″ Slim Hard Rifle Case is available in:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Storm White
  • Grey
  • Tan

Offering a good range of color choices. I do, however, miss the pink option, which isn’t available for this model either.

Padding and Protection:
As with other Eylar cases, this one includes 3 layers of foam, including 1 fully perforated pull & pluck cubed layer, 1 solid foam layer, and 1 layer of convoluted foam padding, ensuring my rifle is well-protected and secured.

Customer Reviews:
Though the customer reviews for this model are mostly positive, however one users comments that caught my attention. He mentioned receiving a case with a broken locking clamp, which he attributed to poor handling during delivery, as the packaging was also damaged. Though this doesn’t seem to be a common issue, it’s a reminder that it’s important to check for any damage upon receiving the case.

Check Price and Availability

To sum up, the Eylar 53″ Slim Hard Rifle Case is a worthy addition to Eylar’s range of protective cases. It maintains the brand’s standard for high-quality protection while offering a lightweight and streamlined design. It might be a particularly good fit if you’re looking for a spacious single-rifle case that’s easy to transport.

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