Coyote Hunting at Night in Missouri 

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Coyote hunting at night in Missouri is a regulated activity. The state has specific rules regarding the use of firearms, artificial lights, calls, and dogs.

Safety measures, such as wearing hunter orange and avoiding hunting near flood waters or fire, are crucial.

Post-hunt procedures include proper labeling and storage of wildlife, and there are special regulations for conservation areas and flood-prone zones. Ethical hunting practices are encouraged.

As always, these guidelines (and the expanded guidelines below) are subject to change, so it is recommended you confirm with Missouri Department of Conservation website.

Missouri Coyote Hunting in March

More Details aboout Coyote Hunting at Night in Missouri

Coyotes are a common sight in Missouri, making the state a popular destination for hunters.

Night hunting, while presenting unique challenges, offers an exciting experience for those seeking a different kind of adventure. However, it’s important to understand and follow the state’s hunting regulations to ensure a safe and legal hunt.

Missouri Hunting Regulations

Missouri has specific firearm restrictions during deer and elk seasons.

The use of poisons, tranquilizing drugs, chemicals, and explosives for hunting is strictly prohibited. Motor-driven transportation, including ATVs, are regulated to ensure the safety of both hunters and wildlife.

Use of Artificial Lights and Night Vision

Artificial lights can be used for hunting certain animals, including coyotes from February 1 – March 31. However, the use of night vision or thermal imagery equipment is restricted and can only be used under specific circumstances.

Calls and Dogs in Hunting

The use of mouth and hand calls is allowed at any time, while electronic calls have certain restrictions. Dogs can be used in hunting wildlife, but there are restrictions by species, times, and locations.

Safety and Ethical Considerations

For safety, hunters are urged to wear hunter orange at certain times and locations. Hunting near flood waters or fire is prohibited, and there are rules for hunting and trapping on public roadways.

Post-Hunt Procedures

After a successful hunt, there are rules against excessive waste. Proper labeling and storage of wildlife are required, and there are specific regulations for buying and selling pelts, feathers, and other parts. Giving away wildlife also has its own set of rules.

Special Regulations for Conservation Areas and Flood-Prone Zones

Conservation area-specific information is available for hunters, and there are hunting restrictions in flood-prone areas.

Hunter Ethics and Respect for the Outdoors

Ethical hunting practices are encouraged in Missouri. These include obtaining permission from landowners, making every effort to find wounded animals, and respecting the land and all wildlife.

Special Regulations for Using Dogs and Cable Restraints in Hunting

There are times when using dogs for hunting is prohibited. Cable restraint regulations also exist and must be followed.

Additional Coyote Regulations

Coyote hunting has additional regulations, including restrictions on hunting during daylight hours from April 1 until the start of spring turkey season.


In conclusion, night coyote hunting in Missouri is a regulated activity that requires knowledge of specific rules and regulations. By following these guidelines, hunters can ensure a safe, legal, and ethical hunting experience. For more detailed information, please refer to the official Missouri Department of Conservation website.

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