The New Wicked Lights W404iC – A Predator Hunting MUST!

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If you’re looking for a high-quality hunting light, the Wicked Lights w404ic might be the perfect choice for you. As a new model, this light comes with some significant improvements compared to the previous model 403.

The Improvements since the Wicked Lights W403iC

Light Output

One of the most noticeable improvements over it’s predecessor is the size of the bezel design, which is much larger at 75mm, resulting in a drastic increase in light output of around 30%.


One of the cool features of this light is the batteries. The new battery design has a 5000mAh capacity, providing approximately five hours of runtime, which is double the time of the previous model’s 2900mAh. This is especially useful when running lights with infrared since they require higher intensity, which can drain batteries quickly.

Beam Width Locking

The new locking mechanism at the rear of the light is also a great feature as it enables you to keep and maintain the beam width adjustment up front. The adjustment can be made from the rear of the gun, so there’s no need to reach out to the front. Once you make the adjustment, you can lock it in place, and it will stay there. The previous model was prone to move, but this new design has overcome that issue.

Wicked Lights W404iC Deluxe Night Hunting Light Kit with Green, Red, and White LED's for hog, Coyote, and Predators
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Other Features

Aside from the new features, the Wicked Lights w404ic also has the standard features found in the previous model, such as:

  • The adjustable knob in the back for your flood, windage, and elevation,
  • a quick detach mount that’s sturdy and easy to install. Although the mount has some new generation design improvements, it’s still just as good as the previous model.
Wicked Hunting Lights, The New W404iC | A Predator Hunting MUST! | Heirs Reviews

Wicked Lights w404iC Key Features and Benefits:

  • Extreme Long Range GREEN, RED, and WHITE Intensity Control LED – Longer range visibility, less likely to scare off animals
  • Rear Beam Width Control – Adjustable beam width for easier targeting
  • Rear Brightness Control – Adjustable intensity for better visibility in different conditions
  • Beam Width Lock Mechanism – Lock your preferred beam width in place for consistent targeting
  • Quick Detach Adjustable Light Mount – Easily mount and align with your scope for quick target acquisition.


If you tend to run white, red, or green lights you will want to install the rubberized halo shield that goes over the bezel end to prevent splash on your barrel which animals can detect and pick up.

Overall, the Wicked Lights w404iC is a great hunting light with some significant improvements over the previous model. Its larger bezel design, locking mechanism, and increased battery capacity make it a worthwhile investment for any hunter.

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