The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner – The Top 3!

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An gun cleaner that uses high frequency ultrasonic sound is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to clean your gun, ammo shells, or cases. Finding the best ultrasonic gun cleaner is quite a challange as there are so many to choose from.

A regular cleaning schedule will increase the life of your ammo, gun, and other gear, so it makes all the difference which cleaner you choose.

In fact…

…if you’re wanting the best ultrasonic gun cleaner for your money, we’ve cut the list down to JUST the top 3 to make your decision as simple and fast as possible.

However, if you’re anything like me, you just want us to get to the point and tell you what our article recommends as the best ultrasoic gun cleaner…

So here it is:

The Overall Winner Of The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is….

** TOP PICK **

Hornady 043320 Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner II H 2L (110 Volt)

The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner - The Top 3!

The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner - The Top 3!

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Our carefully curated list of the top 3 best ultrasonic gun cleaner will give you a brief overview of each of option and the reasons we think they stacks up against the rest.

Top 3 – Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Products

Lets look at these three options in greater detail:

The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner - The Top 3!

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Are you looking for a compact but efficient ultrasonic cleaner?

If yes, you should consider this one. The beauty of this gun cleaner is that it can clean up to 900 pieces of 9mm cases in just 15 minutes. With speed like that, you will not wait for a long time.

But wait… there’s actually more… (no steak knives though – sorry)

The speed is not the only feature of this cleaner, which definitely makes it stand out. There are quite a few other features as well, here they are:

Thorough cleaning:

There is no point in going for a cleaner that operates superficially. This one goes a step ahead and cleans the cases inside out. It can tackle primer pockets as well. The advantage of the cleaning is that you can remove any residue and contaminants easily. The thorough cleaning mechanism certainly helps it stand out.

Heavy-duty construction:

One of the advantages of this ultrasonic gun cleaner is that it comes with a plastic basket and heated tank. The construction is such that wear and tear would not be a problem. The designing of both these components is done, keeping in mind the ultrasonic performance of the cleaner. The combination of these ensures that the cleaning efficiency is on the higher side.

Large capacity:

From the fact that it can clean up to 900 pieces of 9mm cases in 15 minutes, it is clear that the cleaner has a large tank. The exact capacity is 2500 ML. The specially formulated cleaning solution that comes along with can remove any dirt, carbon, and residue from the fired cases. You need not repeat the process again and again.

Easy to read display:

The display of this gun cleaner is convenient to read. It displays the time leftover. Additionally, there is a control panel around the display that helps you in operating it efficiently. It has a set and forget design. Consequently, you need not monitor it consistently.

The large capacity which this ultrasonic cleaner offers is the reason why it is on our list.

Lyman Turbo Case Clean & Polishing System
  • Large Tank Capacity
  • 15-minute cycles
  • Thorough cleaning mechanism
  • Easy to read display
  • Control could be considered a little tricky to get the hang of

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>> Check Price and Availability <<

The main selling point of this ultrasonic gun cleaner is not just in its massive capacity, but the five temperature settings on offer. These five temperature settings allow you to truly customize the cleaning process.

Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

With a tank capacity of 9L, it can clean quite a few cases and primer pockets in a single go. For the serious shooter, these two features make it a great option, but there are a few other points worth noting…

These include:

Internal and external cleaning:

The advantage of using this ultrasonic cleaner is that it can clean the cases’ internal and external surfaces and primer pockets. The advantage is that all the residue, carbon, and dirt gets removed in a single go. You can even inspect a few cases after the cleaning process. They are virtually impeccable.

2 in 1 cleaning space:

Want to clean a batch of cartridges separately?

If yes, this one provides you with the smaller inner tank for the same. You can easily divide the cartridges in the primer pockets if you wish to do so. The inner tank also allows you to use a separate solution for a specific batch. The simple feature helps you in increasing the efficiency of this gun cleaner manifold.

5 different temperature settings:

Do you prefer customization or anything else?

If yes, this gun cleaner offers you five different temperature settings. You can vary the temperature from 100 to 140. The display on the outer side will help you monitor the temperature. The control panel makes it easy to control the temperature. Thus, customization is possible.

Hanging cords:

Inside the tank, you will also find hanging cords. The advantage of hanging cords is that you can clean large objects as well. The cords’ design and placement are such that the objects will be subject to maximum ultrasonic energy. The higher the amount of ultrasonic energy, the more effective cleaning will be.

With so many features on offer to thoroughly clean the gear, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Hornady® Hot Tub™ Sonic Cleaner Demo
  • Large tank capacity
  • Five different temperature settings
  • 2 in 1 cleaning space
  • Easy to understand control panel
  • Separate inner tank on offer
  • The packaging it arrives in could be a little sturdier

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The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner - The Top 3!

The Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner - The Top 3!

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Do you prefer a compact gun cleaner instead?

If yes, you should consider this one. The tank capacity of 2L makes it quite compact. Simultaneously, it is suitable for eyeglasses, coins, and jewelry. The multipurpose design makes it quite useful. With the EDW ceramic heater, you cannot discount it is a heating capacity either. That’s not all!

We would highlight some of its other features below, which help it stand out.

Stainless steel tank:

The 2 L stainless steel tank can hold up to 300 pieces of 223 cases. Similarly, if you’re dealing in 308 cases, it can hold 150 of them. Point being, despite the compact size, it is quite effective.

Variable timer function:

You can go a step ahead and select the cleaning time you desire, at intervals between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. So, you can customize the operation duration.

Micro jet action:

It holds quite a few features which are missing out on other ultrasonic gun cleaners. For example, it has a micro jet action. The action is such that it can remove the residue, debris, and even stubborn particulate pollutants from the gear inside. The thorough cleaning ensures that internal as well as external surfaces will be clean. It can remove carbon residue as well.

Powerful heater:

As we stated above, it offers an 80W ceramic heater. The 80W rating is more than enough according to the tank capacity. Similarly, the ceramic heater means that the maintenance is on the lower side. You won’t face the need to replace or repair it anytime soon.

De-gasing feature:

Not satisfied with the quality of the solution inside?

If yes, this one has a de-gas feature as well. The feature removes the excessive bubbles from the solution inside. Consequently, you can first bring the solution to the perfect state and then clean the gear inside.

Removable lid:

Another advantage of this gun cleaner is that it comes with a removable lid. Whenever you’re filling the solution of water, you will face no problem from the lid.

What more can you ask for?

With so many features available, it is indeed one of the best ultrasonic gun cleaners you can go with.

Hornady Lock-n-Load 2L Sonic Cleaner Review
  • Compact design
  • Microjet action
  • Variable timer
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Powerful heating element
  • Easy to use
  • Some users have reported that it can take a while to clean large rifle shells

Using the list above, there will be no need to go through numerous ultrasonic gun cleaners to pick the right one. However, before you shortlist one, it is advisable to find out more about them through our guide below.

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In case of any confusion between these three options, you can compare them on the parameters below to choose the best one.

Tank Heater:

The heater present in the gun cleaner determines its effectiveness. You should go with one that offers you a powerful heater. The construction of the heater should be such that the durability is on the higher side. Such a gun cleaner requires low maintenance and offers high reliability.

Basket Capacity:

The capacity of the basket determines the amount of ammo that it can fit in. The basket size also determines whether it can hold a gun or not. You need to look at the dimensions of the basket before making the buying decision. The capacity can be in liters or according to the number of cases that it can accommodate. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ignore this feature.

Frequency Range:

Some gun cleaners also let you know that the frequency at which they operate. If you are unable to find the exact frequency, you should choose an ultrasonic one. Ultrasonic frequency ranges upwards of 20 kHz. Since our hearing capacity is up to 20 kHz, using ultrasound gun cleaner does not cause any disturbance.

Tank Size:

The tank size refers to the holding container of the liquid. The tank size can vary depending on the size of the ultrasonic gun cleaner itself. The larger the tank size, the bulkier will be the gun cleaner. Therefore, you have to achieve a compromise between a large tank and compact design of the ultrasonic gun cleaner. Ideally, if the tank size is 2L or more, it is a good option to go with.


The timer function is a necessity while choosing the gun cleaner. The gun cleaner can have a fixed schedule. For example, each cycle can last for 15 minutes. If you want to clean the gun or ammo again, you can go for another 15 minutes cycle.

Some gun cleaners also allow you to set the time between a certain range. It allows complete customization of the timer. You have to decide the one you prefer and then choose the ultrasonic gun cleaner.


Want to clean things like jewelry, eyeglasses, and other such things?

If yes, you need to choose an ultrasonic gun cleaner. Before purchasing one, you have to look at the applications for which it is suitable. Budget:

Of course, you have to look at the cost of the ultrasonic gun cleaner. Only if it offers value for money and is economically viable, you should go ahead with it. However, your decision should not be solely based on the cost of the gun cleaner.

Ease of Use:

Nobody likes to spend time going through the learning curve. To avoid this, you have to choose an ultrasonic gun cleaner, which is easy to use. The control panel should be self-explanatory. It should come with the necessary instructions to help you use it. The ease of use plays a crucial role while purchasing an ultrasonic gun cleaner.

Finding the best ultrasonic gun cleaner using the above parameters will help you choose the right one easily.

It is now time to care for your guns as well as ammo using these ultrasonic gun cleaners. We have gone into great detail to compile this list of top 3 ultrasonic gun cleaners. Once you choose from this list using our buying guide above, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about degrading ammo or guns ever again.

Why is Gun Cleaning Important?

Each use of the gun deposits residue, grime, and gas on the gun and cases. The presence of this residue can impact the performance of the gun. As for the cases, it can lead to their deterioration. In such cases, you cannot rely only on your firearms. To avoid unpredictable behavior of your firearms, gun cleaning, and ammo cleaning is essential.

How Does an Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner/Sanitizer Work?

The ultrasonic gun cleaner uses ultrasonic frequency to agitate the liquid inside. Once the liquid is agitated, cavitation bubbles are created, which move around the ammo inside. The cavitation bubbles also come in contact with the surface of the gun. The brisk movement of these cavitation bubbles separates the grime, carbon, and other contaminants from the gun and ammo surface.
The working principle of the ultrasonic gun sanitizer relies on the ultrasonic frequency and the solution present inside. Now that you are familiar with the working of the ultrasonic gun cleaner let us look at the features to consider while buying one.

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