Best Predator Hunting Seat, Chair, and Stool for Coyotes, Fox, and Bobcat

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There is a range of hunting seats that are used for predator hunting, and it can take quite a lot of time to find one which really suits you. Some of these seats are more comfortable than others, while some are lighter and more portable.

While all of them offer some degree of comfort and can help keep you in position for long periods of time, finding a hunting seat that really suits you is a really important part of improving the quality and comfort of your next hunt. After all, the longer and more comfortably you can stay in position, the better the odds of you finding success.

Let’s take a look at the different types of seats and what their main features are.

The Folding Seat

Naturally, one of the most used and common designs for a hunting seat is the folding design. These are incredibly versatile and can be easily carried over long distances thanks to their light weight and space-saving features.

They can be easily carried by hand or strapped to your bag, as well as stowed inside if you have the space, meaning it’s easy to pick up and move if your hunting spot isn’t proving very fruitful.

The beauty of these seats is that they come in a lot of different styles, meaning you can almost always find a folding seat to suit your particular needs whether they be comfort or size focused.

As they will raise you up off the ground a little they can help keep you warm and dry in wet environments, helping to keep critters off you and raising you up into a more comfortable and stable position for shooting and observing.

The main downside to folding seats is that they don’t always encourage a very healthy posture or position for shooting. It’s quite common to find yourself slouching down or hunching on folding seats with no back.

On the flipside, seats with a back make it much more comfortable and easier to lose focus, so it’s a bit of a trade-off depending on what you feel you need to hunt most effectively.

Another small downside is that folding chairs can be squeaky if they aren’t well maintained which can obviously be a problem for maintaining stealth while hunting. If they are strapped to your bag or exposed they can also unfold or catch on terrain while you’re moving through rough country, which can cause quite a bit of noise and slow you down considerably. To avoid this make sure your seat is properly stowed and either has a mechanism to prevent this or is tied with a bungee or some other type of cord to prevent this.

As far as hunting seats go these are a versatile option with something to offer every hunter, whether a beginner or someone more senior. But are they the best predator hunting seat? Check out the next few options!

The Swivel Seat

The swivel stool is a very interesting little seat and a great option for hunting because it allows you to easily line yourself up and move around without having to get up out of the seat entirely.

It makes tracking and reacting to sounds and signs very convenient and provides a superb base for shooting, working particularly well when paired with a shooting stick or some sort of mounting system to keep your weapon stable.

They sometimes sit a little higher up off the ground which can expose you a little more, however, there are benefits to this too, making it easier to stand up fully and react, as well as giving a clearer line of sight and raising you up out of the brush keeping you warmer and dryer in bad conditions.

Again, the downsides are that these seats seldom come with back support and need to be well looked after to make sure the swivel and hinges don’t creak and spook your prey.

They are quite easy to stow away and quite often very portable, so they make a superb choice for long-range hunts and tough conditions, or if you know you want to hold a very central position in the environment you’re hunting.

What is the Best Predator Hunting Seat?

The Cushion

The cushion seat is one of the most common options for hunters and is popular thanks to its simplicity, value, and lightness.

They are not as refined as folding seats, but cushions offer plenty of comfort and are versatile, allowing you to sit, lie and kneel on them depending on what you need to do in any given situation.

They are often well padded for long hunts and offer decent thermal insulation from the ground.

The downside is that these cushions are not the most portable or easily stowed away, and can be tough to use in thick cover due to the fact that they are quite low to the ground. 

The lack of any back support makes them unsuitable for some situations also.

Ultimately, the cushion is a grey way to improve the comfort of your hunt without having to spend very much money and give you a lot of options in your shooting position.

The Vest/Backpack Seat

The vest or backpack seat is a very interesting option as it provides amazing comfort and portability without being cumbersome or unwieldy, adding minimal additional weight to your pack but offering a huge range of benefits.

These seats often work by using poles to use the backpack itself as a sort of seatback, allowing you to slouch or sit back with your bag taking your weight and keeping you upright slot gacor.

This provides one of the key benefits most other seats don’t, a raised backrest for a truly comfortable position.

The downside is that these seats often leave you sitting low in the brush which can reduce your visibility and won’t keep you as insulated from the cold, wet ground.

Another downside is that sitting back in your seat can make you less maneuverable and less capable of quickly reacting when compared to something like the swivel chair.

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