Coyote Bait Ideas: Tips and Techniques for Successful Trapping

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Using a Combination of Baits, Lures, and Urine for Better Results

When it comes to trapping coyotes, choosing the right bait and lure can make a significant difference in your success. In this article, we’ll discuss some coyote bait ideas based on a popular video and a detailed explanation of baits and lures. By following these tips, you can improve your chances of trapping coyotes and become a more efficient trapper.


Experiment with Different Baits

One key factor in trapping coyotes is trying out different bait options to determine what works best in your area. One successful trapper in the video mentioned using a three-meat blend, Blackie’s Blend, made from bobcat meat, fox meat, and a few other preservatives. This blend creates a strong, nasty smell that can attract coyotes. Experimenting with various baits will help you understand which ones work best for your region.

My Go-To Baits for Coyotes

In my experience, these are some of the most effective baits for catching coyotes:

  1. Trapper J’s All Predator Bait
  2. Federales by the Predator Control Group
  3. Dunlap Soul Taker
  4. Cavens Hiawatha Valley

These baits have consistently produced excellent results in my area, and I believe they could work well for you too.

Use Sheep’s Wool for Better Results

Coyote Bait Ideas - Using sheeps wool for better results

When using bait, consider wrapping it in sheep’s wool before placing it in the dirt hole. This serves two purposes: it helps contain the scent and keeps the bait dry in wet weather, and it adds visual appeal to the set.

When a coyote looks down the hole and sees the sheep’s wool, it may think there’s something dead inside, increasing the chances of the coyote taking the bait.

Choosing the Right Lure

In addition to the bait, a good lure can make a difference in attracting coyotes. The trapper in the video recommends using a product called Hellfire, made by Dunlap Lures.

This thick, skunk-scented lure is smeared on a stick or bean stubble and dropped down the hole with the bait. Lures like Hellfire can capture a coyote’s attention and make your set more effective.

Top Lures for Coyote Trapping

For lures, I’ve found these to be the most successful:

  1. Mark June’s Wind Walker
  2. Cavins Gusto
  3. Trapper J’s All Predator Lure

In my opinion, a good lure is more important than bait, as it’s the lure that brings the coyote in. I’ve even had success using homemade baits with these lures.

Skunky Lures and Baits

If you like skunky lures, Trapper Jay’s Skunk is the skunkiest on the market. I also use Dunlap’s Hellfire, which is the second skunkiest and works well in wet conditions. I find that mixing skunky lures with other types helps to bring in coyotes.

Using Urine in Your Setup

In addition to baits and lures, I also use coyote and red fox urine in my setups. Dunlap’s Hot Shot Coyote and Hot Shot Red Fox are my go-to choices. Mixing up different types of urine helps to prevent my traps from smelling the same.

My Top Pick for Coyote Trapping

The combination of Cavins Hiawatha Valley bait, Mark June’s Wind Walker lure, Trapper J’s Skunk, and Dunlap’s Hot Shot Coyote urine has caught me more coyotes than any other setup. However, all the other baits, lures, and urine products mentioned have also produced great results, and I would recommend trying them all.

Remember, the key to success in coyote trapping is experimenting with different baits, lures, and urines to find the perfect combination that works best in your area. Good luck, and happy trapping!

Don’t Forget the Urine

Using animal urine can help improve your chances of trapping coyotes. The video at the top of the page suggests using red fox urine, which can be purchased from suppliers like Minnesota Trapline. By dashing some urine at the back of the hole, you simulate a fox or coyote marking its territory, further enticing the target coyote to investigate.

What food attracts coyotes the most?

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders and are attracted to a variety of food sources, including small mammals, birds, fruits, and carrion. Meats from other predators, like bobcat or fox, can be especially enticing when used as bait in a trap.

What is the fastest way to attract coyotes?

The fastest way to attract coyotes is to use a combination of strong-smelling bait, an effective lure, and urine. Positioning your set near coyote trails or other signs of their presence can also increase your chances of success.

What smells are coyotes attracted to?

Coyotes are attracted to a variety of smells, including those from other predators, like gland lures or urine from foxes, bobcats, or other coyotes. They are also drawn to the scent of food, such as meat-based baits, and curiosity scents like skunk-based lures.

How do you bait and lure a coyote?

To bait and lure a coyote, follow these steps:
1. Choose a suitable bait, like a meat blend or other strong-smelling food.
2. Wrap the bait in sheep’s wool to help contain the scent and add visual appeal.
3. Place the bait and sheep’s wool combination in a dirt hole or other appropriate set.
4. Select an effective lure, such as a skunk-scented product or a gland-based lure.
5. Smear the lure on a stick or bean stubble and place it in the hole with the bait.
6. Use animal urine, like red fox urine, to add realism to the set by simulating a marked territory.
7. Position your set near coyote trails or other signs of their presence for increased chances of success.


When it comes to coyote bait ideas, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Experimenting with different baits, lures, and urine combinations can help you discover what works best in your area. Remember to keep records of your results to improve your trapping efficiency over time. Good luck and happy trapping!

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