What is The Best Selling Crossbow Broadheads

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Crossbow Broadheads are very crucial to crossbow users. This is because big animals cannot be brought down by narrow-headed arrows. In a nutshell, they are blades that are fitted on arrowheads and are designed to make deep cuts when they come into contact with your target. This is because they enhance penetration into the animal that is being hunted. There are various types of broadheads.

There are those that come with permanently fitted blades and those that have removable blades. Besides that, there are broadheads that come with toxins to disorient the animal much faster. The choice of broadheads is determined by the animals that the user intends to hunt. Here are some of the best-selling crossbow broadheads on Amazon.

Crossbow Broadheads Swhacker 100 Grain 3 Pack Cut + 1 Practice Head & DVD (3 Pack), 2

What is The Best Selling Crossbow Broadheads


These Swhacker broadheads come with two pairs of blades. The first pair is placed at the front of the arrowhead and it has wing-shaped blades that are wide enough to pierce through any animal skin. These two blades make a deep cut that creates room for the entire 2-inch arrowhead. Once the first pair of blades is inside the skin, it continues to make a wider cut that causes the rear blades to unfold.

For best results, it’s recommended that you use these Swhacker broadheads with a crossbow that has a higher FPS and draw weight. These broadheads are 100 grain which makes them easy to fix on your arrows. And since they are made from metal, they have a longer lifespan than ordinary arrowheads. These broadheads are designed to fit on all types of bows including compound, recurve and crossbows. As a bonus, you will get a practice head that you can use to test the waters. There is a DVD to guide you on how to install the broadheads on your arrows.

  • 100-grain broadheads
  • Compatible with compound, recurve, and crossbows
  • Great design
  • Easy to install
  • 2 extended blade
  • Practice head
  • 3 pieces
  • Blade tips can bend
  • Permanently fitted blades
  • Moving parts may jam


Swhacker crossbow broadheads are ideal for killing big game. They are fitted with two sets of blades. The first set has large and sharper edges for piercing through tough skins and hides. The second set of blades is fairly small because they are meant for broadening the path that has been left by the blades at the front. In such a case, they hardly become blunt. Besides that, you will get an extra head that you can use during your training sessions to sharpen your archery skills.

VERY100 Broadheads O Blade 100 Grain Hunting Points Arrow Heads (Red)(6pcs)

VERY100 broadheads have a chiseled tip to make it easier for them to break through any skin. Moreover, the chiseled tip makes them travel much faster than ordinary arrows because they are able to cut through the wind. Just after the tip, there are two wing shaped blades that are contoured and permanently fixed on the head. Their function is to tear up the skin for the sake of sinking the arrow deeper into the flesh of the animal.

Anyone who has ever used these broadheads will surely tell you that they are the most lethal arrowheads. In fact, no game can walk more than 15 yards after being hit by one of these arrowheads. These broadheads don’t have any moving parts and so there is no way you can experience mechanical jams. The blades are actually designed to be O-shaped to allow wind to go through them while they are flying.

  • Toxic-O
  • Bone-splitting chisel tip
  • 6 arrowheads
  • Wound channel looks like a 3 leaf clover in design
  • No moving parts and screws
  • 100 grain
  • Blades not easily sharpened
  • Position of blades reduces penetration depth


VERY100 broadheads will certainly bring down any animal on the planet. The arrowheads come with a chisel-shaped tip that is sharp enough to go through the skin and flesh of any game. Once you have released an arrow with this arrowhead, the animal will definitely be stopped in its tracks thanks to the super-sharp O-shaped blades that are placed at the rear of the tip. And since hunting is a bloody affair, your broadheads will never be clogged by blood because they don’t have any screws or moving parts.

Rage Extreme Chisel 2 Blade Broadhead, 100 Grain (Pack of 3)

Rage Extreme Chisel broadheads come with a very sharp tip that is strong enough to enter into the body of any animal. There is an extra set of mechanical blades that are designed to open when the arrowhead pierces through the flesh. With such blades, there is bound to be enough blood trails to help you in tracking down your game. This is because the mechanical blades come with contours that are made from steel and hence make multiple cuts on the flesh.

What is The Best Selling Crossbow Broadheads


The arrowhead is made from aluminum and so it can never rust regardless of the storage environment. The broadheads are completely detachable which makes their sharpening a lot easier. There is a shock collar blade retention system to prevent the arrowhead from falling off the flesh. And since the rear blades can fold, they help in containing kinetic energy for extended periods of time.

  • Shock collar blade retention system
  • Chisel tip
  • Rear mechanical blades
  • Massive wound channels
  • Replaceable blades
  • Ferrule material – aluminum
  • Blade material – steel
  • Moving parts can be clogged by a blood
  • Blade tips can bend


There are currently 38 positive reviews for this product on Amazon. The Rage Extreme Chisel broadhead has a sharp tip that is designed to break through the skin and hide of any animal on the planet. Besides that, there are mechanical blades that are made from steel that make wide and many cuts on the flesh to cause the animal to lose a lot of blood and die instantly. These broadheads rarely lose their kinetic energy because they only unfold once they are inside flesh.


These are the top-rated crossbow broadheads in the market. According to their features, it goes without saying that VERY100 broadheads rock the list. Their pricing is better than of the other items in this list. Furthermore, you will get 6 broadheads instead of 3. The arrowheads are in one piece and so they are very easy to clean and they cannot be clogged by blood or debris.

Rage Extreme Chisel broadheads are second in the rank simply because they come with a sharp tip that makes it easier for them to penetrate through skins and hides. The downside is that they have two removable mechanical blades that make them vulnerable to clogging.

Swhacker broadheads are at the bottom of the list. They have a sharp blade at the front and two mechanical blades at the rear. They are easy to install and come with one extra arrowhead for practicing.

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