The Best Rangefinder for Hunting – Top 4

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Hunting requires skill, patience, and accuracy, missing the target when you have it in range after long duration can get frustrating. It can be avoided by investing in a rangefinder. It is a device that measures the distance between the observer and the target; the process is known as “ranging”. Considering the diversity of choices in the market, we can help you choose The Best Rangefinder for Hunting.

Range finders come in different sizes and shapes with various features incorporated.  You have to choose the one that fits your needs, and it could depend on a variety of factors. However, it would help if you remembered that without adequate knowledge, you might not end up in the best situation.

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The Best Rangefinder For Hunting – REVIEWS

#4 – Halo Laser Range Finder

The Best Rangefinder for Hunting - Top 4

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Key Features:

  • Range Finder with 6X magnification and laser sight
  • Angle Intelligence technology
  • Reflective range of 450 yards
  • Compact size with modifiable eye portion for focus
  • Category IIIA laser, with five mW or fewer


The Halo Range Finder with laser is one of the best-rated rangefinders. It is an ideal choice for numerous hunters. Its innovative Angle Intelligence Technology ensures that it is excellent equipment for Bow Hunting. It also has a Scan mode, which lets you range various targets that are located at different yardages by the only click of a button.

The device has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easier to carry around.  There is an adjustable piece for eyes which assists the user in fixing the focus according to its requirements. The Halo rangefinder offers distance in both meters and yards.

  • 6x magnification allows the user to lock the target accurately at a distance
  • Provides quick and accurate readings
  • 450 yard reflective range will enable you to hunt targets with high accuracy
  • CR2 battery lasts for quite a long time
  • The image displayed could be considered somewhat dim compared to other models
  • Some users have reported that the accuracy is reduced when the target is more than 450 yards away
The Best Rangefinder for Hunting - Top 4

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#3 – Vortex Laser Optics Rangefinder

The Best Rangefinder for Hunting - Top 4

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Key Features:

  • High range of up to 1800 yards
  • Clear, brightened display and greatly instinctive menu
  • Primary HCD mode and a LOS mode
  • Scan feature for constant readings
  • Completely multi-covered lenses provide optimum light diffusion


The Vortex laser optics range finder is among the best-rated rangefinders. It is the choice of many hunters, and it could be the right equipment for you.

It gives shooters the data relating to the distance required to take precise shots. The rangefinder offers easy usage with a sparkling display and a greatly instinctual menu; it keeps things simple while providing the utmost performance.

The principal HCD mode shows an angle recompensed distance, which is perfect for most of the hunters. A more advanced LOS mode delivers the choice of calculating long distances, great angle shots with better accuracy.

The new VORTEX Rangefinder Ranger 1800 preview part I
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Two modes (HCD and LOS)
  • The Scan aspect that is usable for a range of moving targets
  • Completely multi-coated lenses
  • Excellent grip
  • It is more accurate with 1000 yards shots compared to 1800 it claims

The Best Rangefinder for Hunting - Top 4

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#2 – TecTecTec ProWild S Range Finder

The Best Rangefinder for Hunting - Top 4

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Key features:

  • Water-resistant body
  • Angle compensation measurement capability
  • A target range of 540 yards
  • Premium and Ultra-clear display
  • 2 Years guarantee with lifetime customer support


The TecTecTec ProWild S Range Finder is created for hunting with the ability to measure both angle compensation and distance. It provides chasers the much-required distance statistics that are vital for precise shots.

It is rated highly in the category of best-rated rangefinders and quite rightfully, considering the features it offers.

 The laser rangefinder delivers the accurate measurement precise within +/- 1 yard so you can’t find the exact point to take down your target.

Crucial for hunting in zones with sharp terrain, its angle compensation element removes the presumption of a gunshot when the target is below or above you. The ProWild S gives you the ability to know the correct ballistic distance instantaneously.

Best Rangefinder | A Complete Tectectec Pro Wild Hunting Rangefinder Review (2022) NEW Version
  • Angle compensation technology
  • Calculates the exact ballistic distance
  • The high-quality lens provides a bright display
  • Compact size and easy to carry
  • Its range is a bit less than other models
The Best Rangefinder for Hunting - Top 4

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#1 – AOFAR HX-700N Range Finder

The Best Rangefinder for Hunting - Top 4

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Key Features:

  • High accuracy efficient rangefinder
  • Measures up to 700 yards
  • Offers Four Different modes
  • Portable and easy conveyance
  • Comes with several accessories


The AOFAR HX-700N is the elite choice when it comes to the best-rated rangefinder. We believe that this is THE best rangefinder for hunting The device is waterproof which means that it can be used in all weather conditions

The Range finder contains an innovative pin sensor technology along with 6x magnification while offering accuracy within ±1 yards. It can measure target with high precision in 700 yards. You can use the fog mode to assist you in bad weather

The AOFAR offers up to four different methods that can be used in different extents. They are speed, scan, range, and fog. It is also waterproof, which means that you won’t have to cancel your hunting session on a rainy day.

The rangefinder also comes with several accessories. It has a two year VIP warranty and a lifetime of customer care support. It has all the necessary accessories that you might need, like carabineers, CR2 batteries, etc.

The tool is highly rated and the ideal choice of several hunters around the globe.

Unboxing the Aofar H2 Laser Rangefinder
  • High accuracy with 6x magnification
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Four different modes
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Easy to carry
  • Specific buyers have face battery issues

How to Find the Best Rangefinder for Hunting – A Buyers Guide

Rangefinders are necessary for an enjoyable hunting trip. They enhance the user’s ability to take an accurate shot. However, the variety of choices in the market can make it confusing for you.

It is because every rangefinder would come with its features and proper knowledge of what you would be looking forward to in your experience. It is necessary.

Although the final choice of the best-rated rangefinder depends upon the buyer’s preferences, here are a few things that you need to look for when looking for a range finder.

Water Proof and Fog Mode

Although it is not an absolute necessity to have these in your range finders, you should prefer the choice that has them.

The rangefinder that doesn’t offer these can be used when the weather is clear. Still, unfortunately, we have no control over it, and what’s annoying than being on a hunting trip with a rangefinder but not being able to use it?

Multiple modes

You should always go for the rangefinder that offers multiple modes. It will help you cope up with different weather conditions and environments.

Target range

Choosing the equipment that has the right target range is necessary. You don’t want to have an imprecise rangefinder that ends up missing every shot. So, evaluate what you would consider the right scale and go for the one that suits your needs.


Rangefinders need to be very accurate with the distance readings. It is one thing that should never be compromised.

Our Verdict

Choosing the right rangefinder depends on what the hunter expects of it and its preferences. Although the products, as mentioned above, are all best-rated rangefinders, you can still choose between them.

We believe that for the price, the best choice among these would be AOFAR HX-700N Range Finder because it offers a lot of modes and is perfect for all weather conditions while also being very accurate.

If you don’t want to go for it, you could opt for Vortex Laser Optics Rangefinder because it offers excellent features that would be beneficial for any hunter.

Finally, TecTecTec ProWild S Range Finder is also the choice of numerous professionals, and considering the unique aspects it offers, and it’s entirely justified.

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