8x vs 10x Binoculars – How to Choose!

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When you’re searching for binoculars, you will come across plenty of 8x and 10x options.

But which one should you buy – 8x vs 10x binoculars?

Today, we will compare both these binoculars on various parameters. Once that you go through the comparison, it will become easier for you to choose one.

The aim here is to choose one which can help you better in the wilderness. Thus, going through these parameters, selecting the right one becomes easy.

8x vs 10x Binoculars:

You can take the following parameters and comparisons into account to make your buying decision.


Magnification level is the most obvious and apparent difference between them.

8X magnification ensures that the prey appears 8 times closer to you than reality.

Similarly, the 10 X magnification means that the prey appears 10 times closer to you than in reality.

You might be thinking that the higher the magnification level, the better it is. However, you have to look at the magnification factor in conjunction with the other parameters. Other parameters in conjunction with this one will aid your buying decision.

Field of View:

8x vs 10x Binoculars

The problem with 10x magnification is that the field of view is on the lower side. If you want to check the prey’s vicinity, you will not be able to do so.

On the other hand, the 8x binoculars offer a much better field of view. In that case, you can see the things happening around the prey as well. That will also allow you to track it in a much better way. Spotting the prey also becomes easy with a wide field of view.

If you compare both of these on the field of view on offer, 8x is a better choice.

Eye relief:

The eye relief refers to the distance at which you can see a clear picture at the maximum field of view. It is the distance between the binoculars and your eye.

Generally speaking, the binoculars with higher magnification have lower eye relief. 8x has a higher eye relief than 10x.

However, the good news is that the eye relief you need depends on your personal preference.

If you want to keep the binoculars at a greater distance than your eye, you need to get the 8x one. Otherwise, the 10x one is good enough.

Image stability:

To track and hunt the prey, you need proper image stability. Only then can you hunt it down easily.

While the 10x binoculars can offer you excellent magnification, the same cannot be said about image stability.

If you want to go with binoculars with the best stability out of the 2 options, 8x is a good option.

Out there in the wilderness, rather than getting a 10x, it is a good idea to get 8x. The stability which 8x provides can save you a lot of time. In hunting, time is of the essence to ensure the prey does not escape.

As you can see, the differences between 8x vs 10x binoculars are plenty. You have to decide which parameters you prefer the most. While comparing the binoculars, you have to take all these parameters into account and make the buying decision after that.

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